Your Winter Wild about Nature Challenge Begins Today Here!

, we’re so excited to have you join the Wild About Nature Challenge!

The challenge will start on the first of the month, but please take time over the next 2 days to:

  1. Watch the Welcome Video
  2. Review Quick Platform Tips
  3. Fill out the Pre-Survey so that you will be able to see how much you have shifted the needle on your overall well-being and connection to nature by the end of the month
  4. Review the Prize section for what the winner will receive AND complete request for FREE Ener-C sample box in flavour of your choosing if based in Canada or U.S.
  5. Introduce yourself to the other participants
  6. Check the Points section to see how many points you’ve collected even before the beginning of the month! (Remember to mark each section “Complete” after finishing the task to get your points).

Here is to getting WILD together! Let the adventure begin:

Sending sunshine your way,