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Weekend Warrior Wild About Nature Challenge

Build your immunity and community, naturally!

Receive the Healing Benefits of Connecting with Mother Nature

Key Benefits Include Improved:

Susanne Heaton

Cancer. Burnout. Loss. I have survived all of these wake-up calls and I am passionate about helping you live a more balanced life, naturally!  

Challenge Description

Are you wanting to shift the needle on your overall well-being?  This challenge is perfect for busy people that only want to check in weekly.  It may kick start your wellness journey while helping you to reconnect with one of the greatest natural healers of all time: Mother Nature.  


Amazing Challenge

I enjoyed this Nature Challenge as well as others I have participated in with Susanne, and I encourage everyone to take part. They are inspiring, fun, a great way to learn and discover new things, meet new people, and just be thankful and appreciative of what we have on this earth.”

Lindsay Gammond, Ontario, Canada

Challenge Details

*Note - Challenge lasts for 31 days but you have access to content for 93 days

Challenge Duration

31 Days*

Challenge Price

$27.00 Cdn

Challenge Dates

Begin Immediately

Challenge Level


Challenge Description

This challenge is as easy as doing your ABC’s! I have designed this challenge so that all individuals can participate no matter what their physical ability level is. Each participant will creatively come up with weekly challenges. The prompts will encourage your creativity to flow, to make them uniquely yours. You will also become aware of the importance of utilizing your various senses throughout the challenge. 

Side Effects May Include:

Take the Challenge

Here is to our WILD adventure together!

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