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Our online nature programs can help you decrease stress, increase your immunity and bring more joy back into your life. Let's get WILD together!

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Challenge Duration

30 Days

Challenge Price

$97.00 Cdn plus Gst

Challenge Dates

Begin Monthly*

Challenge Level


Benefits Include Improved:

Susanne Heaton

Cancer. Burnout. Loss. I have survived all of these wake-up calls and I am passionate about helping you live a more balanced life, naturally!  

ONLINE Wild About Nature Challenge Description

Are you wanting to shift the needle on your overall well-being?  Why not try something new outdoors today to improve your tomorrow?  One of these challenges may kick start your wellness journey while helping you to reconnect with one of the greatest natural healers of all time: Mother Nature.  

The next ONLINE challenge is in June.  Sign up needs to happen by May 29 so that you can do the pre-survey, sign up for your FREE $20 sample of Ener-C and introduce yourself and be ready to hit the ground walking right out your very own front door on June 1.  Let’s get WILD! 


Amazing Challenge

I enjoyed this Nature Challenge as well as others I have participated in with Susanne, and I encourage everyone to take part. They are inspiring, fun, a great way to learn and discover new things, meet new people, and just be thankful and appreciative of what we have on this earth.”

Lindsay Gammond, Ontario, Canada

Online Wild About Nature Challenge Details

This challenge is as easy as doing your ABC’s! I have designed this challenge so that all individuals can participate no matter what their physical ability level is. Each participant will creatively come up with daily challenges aligned with the prompts from the alphabet. The prompts will encourage your creativity to flow, to make them uniquely yours. You will also become aware of the importance of utilizing your various senses throughout the challenge with daily feedback and mentoring from myself. 

*Each challenge begins 2 days before the start of each month.  REGISTER 3 days in advance of the beginning of each new month.  

Side Effects May Include:

Fun, Caring, Personalized Instruction

Our programs are facilitated by myself, Susanne Heaton. My passion is helping you connect with nature to live a more healthy, peaceful, and meaningful life.

Susanne Heaton, Founder

Separation from nature is causing many of the chronic illnesses that we are dealing with today. Science is beginning to catch up to what the sages and mystics knew for centuries.  Nature heals, naturally!

Daily challenges will be rewarded with points in addition to  feedback from myself as well as the other participants in the group.  I will be cheer leading you on, each and every step of the way.  

I believe that one of the greatest teachers is MOTHER NATURE.  Nature has so much to teach and share with us if we are willing to slow down, look and listen.  Prepare to be inspired. 

Raves From Our Participants

It has been one of the most energizing and life changing experiences. It is just getting outside your front door and exploring all the great natural locations near by. It has felt like my very own Camino fit into my life. Why pay to go outside you might ask? It’s so much more. Susanne is the sweetest and most motivating cheerleader! Worth it, worth it, worth it.
Jenelle Wohlberg
Calgary, Alberta
I thoroughly enjoyed participating in your challenge. It was so much fun. Definitely boosted my spirits in this isolation time. Loved getting wild and Motivated by Nature. Can’t thank you enough.
Susan Loy Stoneham
Although I go out everyday for a walk and really enjoy them, the challenge added more to it and I was looking for more things that I might not notice before or had become accustomed to seeing them. I really enjoyed it. Many thanks!!
Debbie Shannon
Calgary, AB
I like that for the first time in a long time, I actually looked at the nature around me and absorbed it more than when I was just strolling through.
John Alexander