Nature Challenges

Step Towards Your Health

Nature Challenge benefits may include:

Improved Health

More Creativity

Increased Productivity

A Sense of Community

Feeling Happy for No Reason!

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This Nature Bingo Challenge is as easy to do as your ABC’s! Everyone can participate regardless of physical ability.  No need to drive somewhere, just walk right out your own front door.  You will receive prompts to inspire and encourage creative and unique ways to increase your mindful connection with nature.  Prepare to be inspired.  PaRx prescription recommends a minimum of 120 minutes/week out in nature:

Susanne Heaton, Founder

Build Resilience and Immunity

Separation from nature is causing many of the chronic illnesses that we are dealing with today. Science is beginning to catch up to what the sages and mystics knew for centuries.  Nature heals, naturally!

Learn From One Of The Greatest Teachers

I believe that one of the greatest teachers is Mother Nature.  Nature has so much to teach and share with us if we are willing to slow down, look and listen.  Prepare to be inspired. 

Previous Guided Nature Challenges Raves from Our Participants

“Before taking Susanne’s Nature Challenge, we always had good intentions of going for daily walks, but our busy schedules just seemed to get in the way. By enrolling in her challenge, I knew this would be a commitment.  We would better our chances of following through. What I didn’t realize is how much it would open up our eyes to the minute wonders of nature right in our own neighborhood!

Susanne’s inspiration and informative sharing kept us intrigued and anxious to discover even more of what nature had to offer! As wildlife photographers ,we spend so much time behind the camera looking for the big animals, that it was nice to be in nature and experience the big and the small uniqueness it has to offer. Our daily walks soon became a time of anticipated pleasure .  Not only did it reconnect us with nature in a much different way, but it also rejuvenated us and expanded our creative thinking for our business and everyday life. I highly recommend Susanne’s Nature Challenges as you will get out of it more than just a walk in nature.” – Keltie & Stan Masters, Back to Nature Apparel

More Guided Nature Challenges Raves From Our Participants

This has been one of the most energizing and life changing experiences. All you have to do is get outside your front door and explore all the great natural locations near by. It felt like my very own Camino fit into my life. Why pay to go outside you might ask? Because it is so much more. Susanne is the sweetest and most motivating cheerleader! Worth it, worth it, worth it.
Jenelle Wohlberg
Calgary, Alberta
I thoroughly enjoyed participating in your challenge. It was so much fun. Definitely boosted my spirits in this isolation time. Loved getting wild and Motivated by Nature. Can’t thank you enough.
Susan Loy Stoneham
Although I go out everyday for a walk and really enjoy them, the challenge added more to it. I was looking for more things that I had not noticed before or had become accustomed to seeing. Really enjoyed it. Many thanks!!
Debbie Shannon
Calgary, AB
I like that for the first time in a long time, I actually looked at the nature around me. Being mindful, I absorbed it more than when I was just strolling through.
John Alexander